About Us

Al-Tayyeb Deals is one of the leading online shops in Doha Qatar where you can find the best deals, discounts and offers for Home & Kitchen Appliances, Electronic Items, Computer & Mobile Accessories, Car Accessories, Small Appliances, Speaker System, Musical Instruments, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Personal Tools & Accessories and many more.

Al-Tayyeb Deals is dedicated to bring the best value for money to our customers while providing first-rate customer satisfaction. We believe that every customer should be able to receive top quality products at a very affordable price. Our unique approach to online shopping brings you constantly updated prices on the latest and best offers from our store. We have access to a wide range of premium brands of electronics and appliances by leveraging our relationships with manufacturers and retailers, offering an unparalleled range of high-quality products at market-leading prices.

Al-Tayyeb Deals is not just an online shop but a real electronic store displaying a huge range of products at inexpensive prices. You can choose to look at our physical store for the latest offers or browse for deals from some of the biggest brands at our Online shop. We have a friendly sales and delivery team that reaches to our customers within three days, and an amazing customer service and support that our team are well known for years.

Al-Tayyeb Deals is the online store for Al-Tayyeb Electronics. Established in 1963, Al-Tayyeb Electronics is a well-known name in the Qatari electronics market in spite of the presence of multinational giants. Al-Tayyeb Electronics was founded with a simple concept to provide our customers with the leading brands for electronics and appliances, along with the best prices which are also backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. The company’s humble beginnings, with their sincere customer-oriented sales and after-sales service had always given Al-Tayyeb Electronics a respectable name and status in the Qatari electronic market. Al-Tayyeb Electronics was established in 1963 by MOHD. TAYYEB MOHDRASHEED.

Some of the Clients We Worked with Over the Years
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar GAS, Ras Gas, Dolphin Energy, ISF Ministry of information, Ashgal, Al Manhal Water, Qatar Olympic Committee, Amwaj Catering – Zukrof, Hipworth, lskan Trading and many others.

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